Detailed Shop Drawings for Commercial Doors, Frames, & Hardware

Come execute a submittal package with the help of Centerline Drawings & Services, Inc., in Long Beach, California. We make organized shop drawings for door, frame and hardware distributors. Our project coordinators utilize SpecWorks™ to set up all the required information for your projects.

What We Do

Here at Centerline Drawings & Services, Inc., we don’t sell doors and frames. We provide engineering consultation for clients from the door, frame and hardware distributing industries. Our project managers use relevant data from the project plans & specifications to create illustrations for doors and frames.


Draft a complete submittal for doors, frames and hardware with the aid of our knowledgeable personnel. Our team ensures that the submittals are made according to issued construction plans and specifications. Once the architect or contractor approves the submittal and returns them marked approved, we can make the necessary changes if so requested.



Let us closely work with your staff to ensure that the information to be submitted is accurate. Upon your request, we can collaborate with the architect or contractor for any question that may come up during the drafting process. Our project managers can also review your estimators take off to look for possible change orders or missed items.

Room Layout Drawing - Shop Drawings


Eliminate the pressure off your staff so they can focus on better sales management, ordering, material processing, and customer service. When you work with us, no overhead maintenance for an additional employee is needed. Since we’re not on your company’s payroll, you don’t need to pay the for the following:

• Taxes
• Time Off
• Social Security Charges
• Extra Benefits
• Health Insurance


Why Choose Us

Save valuable time and money when you work with our company. You get to improve your production without having us as part of your staff. Our services make it possible for you to:

• Improve Operational Efficiency

• Minimize Risks Associated with Staffing • Reduce Production Cost by 30% to 35%

Contact us in Long Beach, California, for inquiries on our accurate shop drawings for doors, frames, and hardware.